4 great books on software and systems integration


The field of IT is constantly changing. New technology is coming up and business processes are also changing. There are lots of books to help you understand these new concepts. Here are some very good books on software and systems integration that’s worth reading.

Effective Methods for Software and Systems Integration – by Boyd L. Summers


This book covers the development cycle disciplines of software. It explains how to apply a life cycle which promotes effective software and systems integration. It provides methods for systems engineering, software design, software engineering installations, software and system integration, product evaluations, and many more. It also addresses scheduling issues and development life cycles. The book will help you to deliver projects on time and with their budget.

Enterprise Systems Integration, Second Edition (Best Practices) – by Judith M. Myerson


The book provides the technical know-how that ensures successful systems integration. It includes knowledge and experience of more than 70 experts in various areas involving enterprise integration. Each chapter of the book is based on a technology relevant to today’s enterprise. It tells you how to have ERP systems within budget and on time.

Enterprise Application Integration – by William A. Ruh, Francis X. Maginnis and William J. Brown


This book contains everything you need to know about enterprise application integration. It is a practical guide for those who decides when to apply EAI and select the appropriate technology. You will learn about the business drivers behind EAI and know about the various EAI approaches.

Mission Critical: Realizing the Promise of Enterprise Systems – by Thomas H. Davenport


This book tells you about the benefits and drawbacks of enterprise systems. It includes case studies of successful and not so successful implementations.

These books will help you to learn more about software and systems integration. You will learn how to apply them in modern business practices.