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4 great books on software and systems integration


The field of IT is constantly changing. New technology is coming up and business processes are also changing. There are lots of books to help you understand these new concepts. Here are some very good books on software and systems integration that’s worth reading.

Effective Methods for Software and Systems Integration – by Boyd L. Summers


This book covers the development cycle disciplines of software. It explains how to apply a life cycle which promotes effective software and systems integration. It provides methods for systems engineering, software design, software engineering installations, software and system integration, product evaluations, and many more. It also addresses scheduling issues and development life cycles. The book will help you to deliver projects on time and with their budget.

Enterprise Systems Integration, Second Edition (Best Practices) – by Judith M. Myerson


The book provides the technical know-how that ensures successful systems integration. It includes knowledge and experience of more than 70 experts in various areas involving enterprise integration. Each chapter of the book is based on a technology relevant to today’s enterprise. It tells you how to have ERP systems within budget and on time.

Enterprise Application Integration – by William A. Ruh, Francis X. Maginnis and William J. Brown


This book contains everything you need to know about enterprise application integration. It is a practical guide for those who decides when to apply EAI and select the appropriate technology. You will learn about the business drivers behind EAI and know about the various EAI approaches.

Mission Critical: Realizing the Promise of Enterprise Systems – by Thomas H. Davenport


This book tells you about the benefits and drawbacks of enterprise systems. It includes case studies of successful and not so successful implementations.

These books will help you to learn more about software and systems integration. You will learn how to apply them in modern business practices.

3 largest IT consulting firms in the world


IT consulting firms around the world are helping businesses to adopt IT into their system and enabling them to take their business into new levels of success. Here are the largest IT consulting companies in the world

Accenture PLC


It is a multinational management consulting services company. It is one of the largest consulting firms in terms of revenues. As of 2015, its net revenue was $31.0 billion. Accenture’s client base includes 94 of the Fortune Global 10 companies. Accenture started its journey as the business and technology consulting division of the accounting firm Arthur Andersen. In 2001, Accenture started as a separate company. Accenture provides business strategy, operations strategy and technology strategy services. It also provides digital marketing , mobility and analytics services. They concentrate of ‘as-a-service’ model of service delivery.

Atos SE


It is a European IT services company having its headquarters in France and Germany. The company was formed in 1948 by the merger of two French IT companies.  It provides consulting and managed services, cloud services, unified communications and cybersecurity services to its clients. Their client base includes some of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.

IBM Global Business Services


It is one of the world’s largest business and technology services companies. It started its operation in 1991 helping companies to manage their IT resources and operations. In 1992, a new management consulting company was formed named IBM Consulting Group. It provides outsourcing services, business continuity services, Integrated Technology Services, etc.

These companies are operated in several countries around the world. They provide IT consulting services to the businesses helping them to move forward.

4 ways to incorporate new software in your company


With changing business needs, you may have to incorporate new software in your company. After you have looked at several samples and chosen a new software tool for your business, the hardest part is to start using it. You may have to make organizational changes which often results in employee resistance. Training is not enough to motivate your employees to start using the software. Here are some of the steps you should take to make the new software a part of your business operations.

Find help


Adoption rates vary; some people will feel naturally comfortable to use the software, whereas, others will resist using it. You can ask those who are comfortable in using the new software to advocate others. You can arrange a discussion session for your employees with the members of the pilot team who evaluated the software and the users who will be using it. This will motivate your employees to use the software.

Move important content to the tool


There will be low adoption rate is your employees cannot find a good reason to use the new software. One way to do this is to make the important contents and information that your employees need accessible via the new tool. This way, the adoption rate of the new software will increase.

Hold events

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

You can arrange events around the new software. This will not only introduce the software to your employees but will also encourage them to know more about the software use it.

Give rewards

A man holding a present for you isolated on white background

You can provide rewards to your employees for using the new software. The positive reinforcement will encourage them to adopt the new tool.

It is a natural tendency for people to resist anything new in the company; especially, if it affects their daily works. Early adoption is important. So, you should try everything to motivate your employees to start using the new software.